Exploration des richesses de la natures comme médium artistique, dans ce qu'elle a à dévoiler et à offrir-------------- Exploring nature's beauty and revealing its magnificence.

Aotearoa Nephrite Jade Flute

Merci à Mick Collins pour tous les précieux enseignements et échanges. Flûte en jade néphrite Totoweka( jade avec une croûte oxydé rouge, aussi appelé vulcan)

A flute made made for my teacher out of Totoweka jade, also called Vulcan( red oxidized crust nephrite jade from New-Zealand) While learning jade carving with Mick Collins in Greymouth on the west coast of south island in one of the area where jade can be found. Forever grateful for your teachings !


Light blue nephrite jade with quartz and honey hessonite garnets inlay

Jade flute and wooden case

Québec Nephrite Jade flute with honey garnets inlay. Minor pentatonic in F# 440 htz. Case made out of maple wood with jade inlays

Carving from Québec Appalaches mountains Nephrite Jade. Inspired by New-Zealand Maori style designs

Drone flute embellishements

Collaboration with Karen Maynard at the gorgeous wood burning designs. Combined with blue opalized wood crystal on a yellow birch wood flute and black walnut totem.

Jade and wood combination

40 000 years old wood from new-Zealand preserved in swamps. Ancient Kauri wood sings with amazing resonance qualities. Combined with the healing properties and beauty of Pounamu Gem stone (Nephrite Jade)

Flute playing Tiki and Wind God. Marsden flower Jade.

Making Didgeridoos in Australia

Learning with some of the world's best crafters, players and harvesters. Tristan O'meara, Adam Crooked Stix and apprentice Marcos Ferrazza, Sean Patrick Ryan, Cockatoo Paul...

Getting my hand at belling out and shaping the sound for optimal quality. Exploring, practicing, developing researching. At the Arts Factory lodge in Australia

Australian Black Woolybut eucalyptus hollowed out by termites.

Rainbow serpent carving with crystals inlay

Exploring more aspect of the Didgeridoo in Spain

Making the instrument out of the stem of the agave plant on a little island and in Barcelona.

More agave didge exploration in Australia

Exploring with slide option, collapsible, note changing and art mediums...